Life, style

Nov 25, 2015

We’ve checked in with a host of interior designers to see what’s trending and put together an edit of their top tips for turning your home into a contemporary style sanctuary.

Harness the power of 3 – three is most definitely a magic number when it comes to design – as are odd numbers in general. Grouping odd numbers of items – flowers in a vase, candles or framed pictures – invites the eye to move around the display, creating a level of visual interest that even-numbered arrangements can’t compete with.

Celebrate your ceiling – ironically, ceilings are often overlooked. Plain old white with a touch of detail on the cornicing is usually about as exciting as it gets. Creating a statement ceiling by painting, papering or even adding a mural can give a room an instant lift. If you’ve got a large space, painting the ceiling in a dark colour can make it feel more intimate, while metallic paints or faux tin tiles conjure an art deco look.

Hand-finished wallpaper – for the ultimate in luxe decorative papering, why not do a feature wall in something hand-painted on silk. It can be more expensive by the roll, but one wall will be enough to give the wow-factor. If you’re on a budget, try using regular wallpaper in unexpected places – to line shelving and drawers for example. This is a subtler, cheaper way to introduce a statement pattern into your scheme.

Two-tone walls – if you live in a new-build, chances are your home may not have many architectural features. Why not try painting some in? You could go for a two-tone wall that changes colour at dado rail height, as shown here, or have a different colour starting at picture rail height and continue onto the ceiling to add height.

70/30 split – this ratio is a handy trick for getting your proportions right and balancing different styles within the same space. Give a room character by decorating around 70% of it in a particular style, then do the last 30% in a contrasting style. Give your contemporary room a little more depth by introducing some wonderful antique pieces, or vice versa.


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